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Operate your business with the same efficient payment system as big business. Accept online payments from your customers. With a few clicks of a mouse your customers can make their payments to you through their bank. This quick, efficient, and cost-saving system delivers the funds to you in as little as one business day, along with consolidated reports summarizing all payments received.


Streamline your accounts receivable. Eliminate trips to the bank to make deposits, questions about whether you have received a cheque from your customers, and whether it will clear their bank. Customers who are wary of providing personal payment information over the phone or Internet have the security of using their own bank and you eliminate the inconvenience of processors accessing your account or reversing transactions.

Give your customers the convenience of electronic payment directly from their bank account.
The benefits are:
Receive payments sooner.

Receive a single report with all payment details.

Reduce and possibly remove fees from all other forms of payments.
Secure and safe



Competitive per transaction fee.

Straightforward & Easy to Use

Direct World allows you to receive payment from customers online and reduce and potentially eliminate the use of cheques and other less secure payment methods. Customers can go online and make payments via their banks online banking system.


With Direct World you can electronically receive payments from one consolidated source complete with payment details, greatly reducing administrative duties. Simply give your customer a unique Direct World Account Number and they can make payment using that number online.


Cost Efficient & Effective

Save money - Reduce banking fees and administrative costs

Save time - No need to run to the bank to make deposits

Improve Control – Payment is secured and cannot be reversed
Accurate & Accountable

Direct World provides accurate detailed reporting of all payments processed. Single or dual authorization functionality provides control and accountability. A clear audit trail of all payments received is maintained.

Secure & Dependable

Direct World has been processing electronic payments since 2005. Our client base is growing every day.

Register with Direct World

Directworld will issue you a 4 digit merchant ID Number

Use our secure site to assign customers their Directworld account number
Inform customers of their Directworld account number starting with DWC followed by 4 digit merchant ID number and 8 digit account number (DWC-M-M-M-M-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C)
Receive funds directly to your bank account (via Direct World)

Log on to our secure website and view all payments received

Download your payment file and reconcile to your accounting records