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Accounts Receivables Solution

Pay Online with Interac

Receive Payments Faster


No Start Up Cost


Easy To Use

Cost Effective and Efficient


Accurate and Accountable


Secure and Dependable


E-Commerce Payment Solution


Most Secure Online Payment

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Online Payment Solution



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Turn your receivables into cash quickly and securely at lower costs. No waiting for cheques in the mail. Reduce the costs of cheque processing and potential charge backs. Reduce your fees to processing companies. Get paid faster and save money.


The modern business world is increasingly relying on secure electronic transactions and help protect your sensitive financial information. Don’t hesitate! Move your business forward with us and turn your receivables into cash economically and efficiently.

Direct World’s safe and secure online payment option makes it easier and faster for your business to manage your accounts receivable. Your customers make their online payments securely through their own bank.

Log on to your account on our secure website and view all payments made or receive notification from Direct. Funds are deposited directly into your account with a clear audit trail available.

Contact Direct World today for the information needed to get started and begin receiving payments electronically.

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